Gravityº World

The brand appears from the belief that a product with an exclusive design connected to the Portuguese artisan’s knowhow, has a magical value.
All our models are designed and developed by our creative team hand by hand with our artisans expertises.

All items are carefully handmade by our artisans, that input to all product the Portuguese touch – this is what means 100% designed, developed and produced in Portugal
Our project contributes to a fair production cycle and an equalitary world, with good working conditions.

Every day we give our best for your comfort.
The brand is committed to create distinct dance products,
prioritizing the quality with the goal of conceiving our costumers total lightness and freedom of expression, spreading the Gravityº concept.
We pay attention to every detail to ensure that you dance… like you were on clouds.

We already told you that we are obsessed with confort?
Taking care of your needs, lovingly and carefully to adapt our model to your size and foot shape, in order to achieve the right fit and the maximum confort.
We can help you to desing and select the details of your truly beautiful and unique pair of custom dance shoes.
We live on the opposite side of mass production. Step into this world, where care is a true feeling.

The attention to detail is present throughout the product lifecycle, from concept and production to delivery. This accuracy guarantees the quality of each and every piece.
We create dance shoes made to last!

We push ourselves every day to find solutions to improve the dance performance and ensure that we always give you the best products.